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    William Marlowe

    Classical Flutist

    Flutist William Marlowe is a native of Loudoun County, Virginia, and currently holds the Principal Flute positions in the Loudoun Symphony Orchestra, and Pro Arte Chamber Orchestra of Greater Washington (PACO). Mr. Marlowe, formerly held the position of Principal Flute in the Washington Sinfonietta, and Principal Piccolo in the Washington Symphony Orchestra. He has also been a regular performer in the Ars Nova Chamber Orchestra, Charles-Washington Symphony, Washington Pro Musica Chamber Orchestra and the Landon Symphonette. In addition, he has performed with the Richmond Symphony Orchestra, Richmond Philharmonic Orchestra, Roanoke Symphony Orchestra, and made solo appearances with numerous other orchestras. An avid chamber musician, he performs regularly with Harpist Cheryl Roeske, Musical Offering Chamber Ensemble, Ensemble Vivacé, Trio Halcyon, and the Loudoun Quartet.


    Mr. Marlowe studied flute with Francile Bilyeu at Virginia Commonwealth University, Judith Mendenhall at Mannes College of Music, Vanita Hall-Jones at Catholic University of America, and William S. Haynes Artist, Susan Hoeppner, and has received chamber music coaching from violist Doris Lederer of the Audubon String Quartet. He was awarded First Place in the Virginia Music Teachers Young Artist Competition in 1986 and 1987, Virginia Music Teachers Concerto Competition and Music Teachers National Association Young Artist Competition in 1987.


    In addition to his performance attributes, he also maintains a select private studio, is a founding member of the Loudoun Quartet, is the founder and Managing Artistic Director, and President of the Board of Directors Executive Committee for PACO, has served on the Board of Directors and currently serves on the Artistic Committee for the Loudoun Symphony Orchestra, is currently a member of the National Flute Association and the Flute Society of Washington, in addition to designing and maintaining the PACO and Loudoun Quartet websites.


    By day, to support his musical talent, he is also employed by the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority. Mr. Marlowe resides in his hometown, Sterling, VA, with his partner Ronald of 20 years, and their children, Miss Lily, Miss Hazel & Spanky (three Chihuahuas).


    He performs on both Lillian Burkart Professional 9k and Pearl 14k Maesta flutes, and Braun C-Fuß and Powell Sonare PS-750T piccolos.

  • Accolades

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    “A one of a kind concert artist… each note had a life of its own.” ​

                      -- ​The Washington Post


    “Played with burning passion and astonishing accuracy.”

                      -- ​Loudoun Times Mirror


    "William Marlowe's depth of tone mirrors his soul"

                      -- Doris Lederer, Violist (Audubon String Quartet)


    "Flute playing at its finest . . . exudes a clarity of line while maintaining a warm, rich tone."

                      -- Maestro Mark Allen McCoy


    "A delight to play with in an ensemble as well as a delight to the ears for the audience. His sound is gorgeous, his technique enviable, and he can deliver the Ahhh moment in the musical phrase which leaves the listener emotionally complete and wanting more."

                      -- Betsy Winslow Trimber (The Flutist’s Faire)


    "It's always a pleasure to make music with Craig. His playing captivates through its elegance, musicality and wit;
    he is a distinctive and outstanding voice in any woodwind section or in recital."

                      -- Maestro Joel Lazar


    "Craig is a gifted musician who's craft graces the Loudoun Symphony Orchestra."

                      -- Ara H. Bagdasarian, Former President - Loudoun Symphony


  • Performances

    Stay Home ▪ Stay Safe ▪ Stay Blessed ▪ Save Lives

    ALL performances have been canceled for the 2019-2020 season due to COVID-19.

    Please check back for updates on my 2020-2021 performance schedule.

  • Repertoire

    Flute and Strings

    C.P.E. BACH, Concerto in d minor, Wq. 22

    J.S. BACH, Orchestral Suite #2 in b minor

    J.S. BACH, Brandenburg Concerti

    H. BLAKE, Concerto, Op. 493A
    M. BLAVET, Concerto n a minor
    E. BLOCH, Suite Modale
    F. BORNE, Carmen Fantasy
    J. CORIGLIANO, Voyage
    F. DOPPLER, Fantaisie Pastorale Hongroise Op. 26
    F. DOPPLER, Andante et Rondo, Op. 25
    G. FAURE, Fantaisie, Op 79

    J. FELD, Sonata for flute and string orchestra
    A. FOOTE, Nocturne and Scherzo
    P.A. GENIN, Carnival of Venice
    C.W. GLUCK, Minuet and Dance of the Blessed Spirits
    H. HANSON, Serenade
    A. HONEGGER, Concerto da camera
    A. JOLIVET, Concerto
    K. KENNAN, Night Soliloquy

    J.M. LECLAIR, Flute Concerto in C major No. 3 Op. 7
    F. MARTIN, Ballade
    W. MCCAULEY, Miniatures (5) for flute and strings

    F. MENDELSSOHN, Concerto in d minor
    S. MERCADANTE, Concerto in e minor

    J.J. QUANTZ, Concerto in G Major

    A. RUBSTOV, London Concertino

    J. RIVIER, Concerto
    J. RUTTER, Suite Antique

    C. STAMITZ, Concerto in G Major, Op. 29
    G.P. TELEMANN, Suite in a minor
    R. VAUGHAN-WILLIAMS, Fantasia on Greensleeves
    A. VIVALDI, Concerti


    Flute and Orchestra

    F. BORNE, Carmen Fantasy

    F. DOPPLER, Fantaisie Pastorale Hongroise Op. 26

    C. CHAMINADE, Concertino
    D. CIMAROSA, Concerto in G Major for 2 flutes

    F. DEVIENNE, Concerto in e minor

    G. FAURE, Fantaisie, Op 79

    B. GODARD, Suite, Op. 116

    C. GRIFFES, Poem

    G. HUE, Fantaisie pour flûte et orchestra

    J. IBERT, Concerto
    J. MOUQUET, La Flute de Pan

    W.A. MOZART, Concerto in G Major, K. 313
    W.A. MOZART, Concerto in D Major, K. 314
    W.A. MOZART, Andante in C Major, K. 315

    W.A. MOZART, Rondo in D Major, K. 373
    Concerto for Flute and Harp in C Major K. 299
    C. NIELSEN, Concerto

    C. REINECKE, Concert for Flute and Orchestra, Op. 283

  • Tutelage


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    My basic approach to teaching flute is that one size does not fit all. I do not follow a prescribed set of books, etudes, or pieces that all students must master before being allowed to “graduate” to another book, etude, or piece. I use a wide variety of materials based on the individual student’s areas of need, with a main focus on tone production, scales, and repertoire appropriate to ability. I am also a strong proponent of mastering the basics (rhythm, key signatures, etc.).

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    Each student is expected to come prepared to lessons. This means having a pencil, assignment book, music being studied, your flute in working condition, and a positive attitude. While every student will require a different amount, at-home practice time is a must in order to make the most out of your lessons. A good starting point is to practice the same amount of time as the length of your lesson, at least five days a week.

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    Fees for lessons are dependent upon the length of the lesson. Payments will be taken in advance on a monthly basis, based on the number of lesson days available for that particular month, and are due at the first lesson of the month.

    1/2-hour per week
    $75 per lesson 


    1-hour per week

    $95 per lesson 

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    You must notify me at least 24 hours in advance if you must miss a lesson. If proper notification is made, you may either take a refund for the missed lesson, apply the fee to the following month’s tuition, or request a make-up lesson if our schedules allow. If you fail to notify me and miss a lesson, no refunds, credits, or make-ups will be given.


    If a student and/or parent should decide to terminate lessons at any given time during the year, the studio requires a TWO WEEK WRITTEN NOTICE. Such notice must be delivered to me (William Marlowe) personally. The studio will not accept/recognize e-mails nor telephone messages as documentation for said notice. Regardless of when appropriate notice is given, such student/parent shall be financially responsible for the following two weeks/lessons, whether the student/parent chooses to attend or be absent. The teacher may terminate lessons any time due to negative behavior, failure to practice, or failure to comply with studio etiquette.

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